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Leading or Following: Right Heart for Strategic Alliance

Christ’s Teaching on Human Partnership



Leading Or Following 02ImageIn this bible study we examine interactions at the call-up of the first disciples of Jesus (based on the account in Luke 5:1–11) to understand God’s expectations and designs for human partnerships. The interactions illustrate that God expects people to work together, in collaboration, to accomplish objectives that he places in our path. For each assignment, he chooses a leader and provides opportunity for other potential participants to join the leader in an alliance to accomplish the task. The chosen leader is expected to recognize the assignment—an opportunity that God has placed in his/her path, start work as needed while leaving doors open for others to contribute. The other potential participants are expected to recognize the opportunity and make themselves available to contribute, by staying close enough to offer needed assistance but far enough to avoid getting in the way of accomplishing the objective. We learn through the interactions that God will reward all participants in a successful alliance. Leading or following, the size of your harvest will be determined by your capacity.

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Solomon King of Israel

Success Founded on Humility and Parent Respect


Solomon respected and admired his father David and was humble toward the task of being king of Israel. Therefore, when he was presented an opportunity to ask anything from God, all he wanted was a wise and discerning heart to recognize right from wrong and govern effectively. God granted his request and, in addition, gave him extraordinary wealth and honor, so that “in your lifetime you will have no equal among kings” [1 Kings 3:13]. His determination to work close to God in order to govern Israel effectively was motivated by his respect and admiration for his father.

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Perfect Heart for Strategic Alliance 2nd of 2 Parts

Multiply by Sharing


What should you do when you experience abundant blessing, when God’s favor is in your life? We examine the question in this bible study, fourth and final part of the “Power of Strategic Alliance” series. It has indeed been a life transforming message, highly recommended for anyone desirous of “strategic blessing” and overflow from God. When Jesus “enters your boat,” it positions you for relevance, significance and impact. What you do with His instructions is important in engaging the strategic blessing and overflow.

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Perfect Heart for Strategic Alliance 1st of 2 Parts

Wisdom of the Other Boat


What should you do when another person wins an opportunity that you would have liked to have won yourself? We examine the question in this bible study on the “Perfect Heart for Strategic Alliance,” third in a four-part series featuring the proceedings of the Banking Blessings seminar on the “Power of Strategic Alliance.”

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