Banking Blessings Ministry focuses on learning, sharing, and disseminating the Christian basis for human interactions and relationships. We conduct group bible studies of people and events described in the bible to understand the interactions among the people and between them and God and use the understanding to learn about God’s purpose for human relationships. The information is posted at our website in the form of video and audio files and text transcripts of bible study sessions.

God’s Purpose for Humans

Our understanding of God’s purpose for human relationships begins with the biblical account of human creation at Genesis 1:26–28, which states that God created humans to govern over all creations while preserving in each person His image and likeness. To govern in God’s image and likeness means relating to the governed (the earth and its inhabitants) the same way that God would relate to them if He was to perform the governing functions directly and in human form. He charged us with our divine purpose, or gave us our “staff of office,” in Genesis 1:28 where He blessed and charged us to multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, and govern over all living creations. This declaration confers rights and responsibilities on humans that are almost unbounded: to take ownership, find and implement effective uses, and provide for the needs of the earth and its living and non-living inhabitants. The rights and responsibilities, however, are subject to the one condition that they must be exercised in God’s image and likeness. Actions that convey the image of God to the affected are covered but those that don’t are not covered.

Banking Blessings Through Human Service

Therefore, providing for the needs of others appears central to God’s purpose as conveyed to us in Genesis 1:28. God is our provider but often performs the provider functions through human beings. As Christ described through the parable of the Good Samaritan, when a person is in need, God places other persons in position to provide for the need. In Matthew 25:34–40, Christ describes special blessings for a person that recognizes a need and provides for it to serve the person in need without expecting profit or reward. Blessings earned by a person accumulate for the person’s benefit and may pass to his/her offspring. Therefore, Matthew 25:34–40 describes a program of “banking blessings” through positive human interactions based on recognizing and providing for the needs of other persons and community.

Family Training

To ensure every person has an opportunity to train for a lifetime of participation in the banking blessings program, God created every person to begin life in a family environment endowed to provide opportunities for family members to learn sensitivity to the needs of other persons and community. The family environment provides such opportunities because God created the family structure to perform several functions that encourage intra-family bonding. A study of Jacob’s family from Abraham through Jacob and his first-generation offspring enables an understanding of functions of the family structure, such as: propagation and conveyance of blessings; preservation of heritage; and providing an organizational structure for human interactions and regulation of human activities. Because of these functions, each family member has a stake in the well-being of other family members and is motivated to contribute to the family purpose of serving as a cradle for training and development of individuals to interact positively with other members of the world community.

Group bible studies at the Banking Blessings Ministry are directed at understanding the purpose of human creation, banking blessings program, and God’s purpose for human relationships through studies of people and events described in the bible. We invite every person to join us in our weekly group bible studies at his/her time and place through the video, audio, or pdf files of the bible studies posted at this website.