Perfect Heart for Strategic Alliance 1st of 2 Parts

Wisdom of the Other Boat


What should you do when another person wins an opportunity that you would have liked to have won yourself? We examine the question in this bible study on the “Perfect Heart for Strategic Alliance,” third in a four-part series featuring the proceedings of the Banking Blessings seminar on the “Power of Strategic Alliance.”

Seek to Give than Receive

In Part 2 of the series, we learned that one of the principles of strategic alliance is you should seek to be someone else’s ‘company’ instead of seeking to have someone else as company. Focusing on seeking company will make you dependent on receiving assistance, like the paralytic man by the pool of Bethesda who rather than step up to receive his healing directly from Jesus, focused on explaining how he had no one to help him into the pool when the water was stirred (John 5:6-7). Today, many ‘wait by the pool of Bethesda,’ hoping for someone to carry them into the healing waters. It is more rewarding to focus on assisting others: be the answer to their prayers, invest in them, be the solution to their problems; for this makes you the right company and quickens in you the right spirit for partnership.

Wisdom of the Other Boat

In this bible study, we use the scripture in Luke 5:1–10 to study the “Perfect Heart for Strategic Alliance.” Jesus saw two nameless boats of no relevant difference and chose to enter one of the boats. This action suddenly brought both boats to significance. Jesus entered one boat, but both boats received the harvest. The captain of the chosen boat had the right spirit to beckon on the other boat for assistance when he realized that his nets caught more fish than his boat and crew could handle. The other boat was in close enough proximity to hear the call because it chose to follow the chosen boat, close enough to hear but not to interfere. If the “other boat” had not followed, the chosen boat would not have received the assistance it needed. As it were, each boat received a full harvest. When Christ entered one boat, he ordained a harvest for the two boats. The “other boat” accepted the blessing when it chose to follow the chosen boat. The “wisdom of the other boat” helps us uncover eight attributes of the perfect heart for strategic alliance. To learn more, please select the video or audio icon.



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