Principles of Strategic Alliance

Company and Crowd


A colleague or co-worker that understands, accepts, and respects you and your vision can be a valuable asset in accomplishing your goals. This bible study, Principles of Strategic Alliance, is the second of a four-part series featuring the proceedings of the Banking Blessings Ministry seminar on the Power of Strategic Alliance. In the first part, we learned that people that God places in our life can be classified into two broad groups based on the types of relationships and alliances; your company and your crowd.

Know Your Company

Today in the second part, we learn about Godly principles that help you discern who is your company or your crowd and how to manage the relationships. The questions addressed include: Your company or your crowd, which should matter more? How do the principles apply to everyday living? Does bloodline or physical connection automatically define your company? Can you love someone and not his vision? Mis-classification of one’s crowd as company can result in serious problems, broken heart, and lack of the ability to trust or engage other people in the future.

Company Grows and Changes with Time

Seek to be another person’s company through your sacrifice to help, build, and provide solutions to them and you will attract company to yourself. Have you often wondered why certain relationships that seem to be good and productive in your life at a material time, faded away, broke down or simply moved on? While others who were not important in your life in the past suddenly started adding value to you? Your company of yesterday may cease to be relevant to you today because they no longer share nor understand where you are or where God is taking you. Conversely, your crowd of yesterday can become your company today because they understand and celebrate where you are today and where you are going. For this reason, if you have to close doors do so gently for you never know when you might need to open them again. Don’t write anyone off today for they could be your tomorrow’s company. Interactions from the Scripture, such as Paul and Barnabas or King David and his wife Michal help illustrate the principles.




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