Strategic Alliance What and Why?

Strategic Alliance


This is the first of a four-part series featuring the proceedings of the Banking Blessings Ministry seminar on the Power of Strategic Alliance. The seminar was led by Bishop Francis Bob Alonge, bishop of the Covenant Assembly Ministries and a Director of Banking Blessings Ministry. In this study, we will explore the meaning of Strategic Alliance: the people, friendships, or relationships that God brings our way in our journey of life, whether as family, friends, business associates, school mates, colleagues, church members, mentors, pastors, or others.

Success through People

We will learn that a person’s success in life relates to his/her ability to work with people. Recognizing the blessings/skills of such persons will help you go far in life. God sets the solitary in families [Psalm 68:6]. He created us with interconnected purpose and provides each person opportunities to connect and collaborate with the right people toward accomplishing the purpose. Such relationships help bring us out of difficulties when used as channels of God’s intervention in our lives. When you are too weak and helpless, people that God put in strategic alliance with you will carry you [Luke 5:17-21]. Also, we learn about two categories of people: your company (a unique group of people that will complement and enhance your effort) or your crowd (those around you to benefit from your contributions).




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