Healthy Communication in Human Relationship

Fountain of Life


This bible study, led by Rev. Julius Edah, pastor of the United African Presbyterian Church, Dallas, discusses healthy communication in human relationship. The study reminds of an interaction I witnessed recently between two men at a gas (i.e., petrol) station. The younger man had his car facing the wrong way at the dispenser. An older man advised him to drive out and turn his car around and offered to save his position. The younger man rejected the offer, somewhat angrily, and the older man asked him why he was “being a jerk about it.” They exchanged all manner of angry words. I thought about the encounter after I left the gas station but soon forgot it. However, it returned to my mind during the bible study. The leader, Rev. Edah, likened healthy communication to a “fountain of life,” citing Proverbs 10:11. I wondered how the two men drew so much bitterness from what really was an opportunity to share goodwill.





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