Introducing Banking Blessings Ministry

Objectives: Banking Blessings Ministry


What is Banking Blessings Ministry and what is it set out to achieve? We discussed this on Saturday, April 11, 2015 as a bonus presentation during our first seminar, a power-packed discussion and teaching on The Power of Strategic Alliance. Video and audio proceedings of the seminar are available through our website.

God’s Provider Assistant

In the session titled “Introducing Banking Blessings Ministry,” we are reminded that God created every person to be His provider assistant; more like a channel through which His blessings and solutions reach fellow human beings. As Christ taught in the Parable of the Good Samaritan, when a need exists God positions someone to provide for the need. The person may obey by providing a service to address the need and will earn a blessing that was prepared for him/her from the beginning of times. Earning blessings through service, which Christ describes in Matthew 25:34-40, defines the meaning of Banking Blessings Ministry.

Learning and Sharing

The interaction between the service provider and receiver sets up a relationship based on appreciation of God as the provider and fellow human beings that He places in our lives to help provide for our needs. The Banking Blessings Ministry was setup to understand this relationship as God created it and disseminate the understanding to help people move closer to the state of human interactions that God intended at our creation.

More Information

Please watch this bible study on video at VIDEO_LINK, listen to or download the audio at AUDIO_LINK. You can also download a pdf copy of the PowerPoint presentation from PDF_LINK.



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