Introducing Heart of David Series

David, Samuel, and Saul


God rejected Saul as king over Israel because he disobeyed God by selectively performing only aspects of God’s instruction while doing as he liked regarding the others. After God rejected Saul’s kingship, he directed Samuel to seek out a son of Jesse and anoint him king.

God Chooses David

He further directed Samuel to bypass Jesse’s older sons, who Samuel initially thought were the right candidates because of their elegant appearance. Instead, God directed Samuel to call back from the field a shepherd boy that was “ruddy with a fine appearance and handsome features” because “the Lord looks at the heart” but not at the outward appearance. God chose David to be king of Israel because he saw the “right heart” in David.

Bible Study Series on “Heart of David”

We begin a bible study series to learn what God saw in the “heart of David.” We will study the life of David through the word of God, focusing on his interactions with people to learn the human qualities that likely endeared him to God. For example, in the first session under the series we encounter a Saul’s servant description of David as a brave man and warrior that speaks well and is fine-looking. The description added that “the Lord is with him.” Why did the man think that God was with David?

More Information

Please join us as we examine more details of David’s life to glean patterns that might explain what endeared him to God. You can play the video or audio files or download the audio or pdf files.



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