Fruits of Reconciliation: Jacob’s Family Moves to Egypt

Jacob’s Family Moves to Egypt


Personal choices determine the fate of opportunities that God positions for each individual. Make the right choices and develop the opportunity and benefits. Make the wrong choices and you could abandon the opportunity as it is transferred to another person. Christ taught this through the Parable of Talents. Additionally, Joseph’s interactions with his brothers during “the great famine” provide us a real life example.

Joseph Chooses Reconciliation

While in his powerful position as administrative head of Egypt, Joseph came face to face with his brothers that conspired to kill him but sold him to slavery 20 years earlier. He could have pursued vengeance in almost any form, but he sought and found true forgiveness and reconciliation. His family was invited to Egypt, where they survived the famine, prospered and multiplied, and therefore set themselves on a path to fulfilling God’s promise to their fathers. If Joseph did not reconcile with his brothers, the family would not have been invited to Egypt, they would have suffered full impact of the famine in Canaan, and the course of their history would have been different from what we know today.

Major Impediment

Therefore, when Joseph faced a choice between vengeance and forgiveness, little did he know that the problem with his brothers was indeed a major impediment separating them from fulfillment of God’s promise to their fathers. He made the right choice and the impediment was removed. Any family dispute could be such an impediment. Choose reconciliation (through repentance and forgiveness) and resume positive interactions to set yourselves on a path to receiving blessings. Reject reconciliation and keep the impediment alive.

More Information

Please join us as we examine more details of this historic reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers. You can play the video or audio files or download the audio or pdf files.



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