Prayer, Battle Cry, and Sermon: David and Goliath

David and Goliath


When David was about to confront Goliath in the battle of the Valley of Elah, he said a prayer that also was a battle cry and a sermon.

In the Image of God

In the prayer he made a case that killing Goliath will convey to the whole world and all witnesses of the confrontation: that Israel worshiped a God that fights for his people and does not need human weapons like spears and javelin. David knew that God created human beings with unlimited authority over all the earth but with one condition that whatever we do must convey the image of God to the affected and observers. The implication of “unlimited authority with one condition” is: actions that convey the image of God are authorized by God but actions that do not convey his image are unauthorized. Christ taught the same concept when he told us we can ask for anything in his name and he will do it. That is, he will do whatever we ask if we ask for a purpose that is consistent with his purpose. Therefore, just before confronting Goliath, David sought to make a case that killing Goliath will convey the image of God to the whole world. David made the case to strengthen his faith that God will grant his prayer to strike Goliath down and cut off his head.

Battle Cry and Sermon

His prayer was also a battle cry directed at Goliath to tell him of David’s resolve to battle against him. Further, the prayer was presented as a sermon to the Israelites and Philistines in the battle field.

More Information

Please join us as we examine more details of David’s classic prayer, battle cry, and sermon rolled into one. You can play the video or audio files or download the audio or pdf files.



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