Jacob Relocates to Paddan Aram

Covenant at Bethel


Spousal Interactions by Leading the Leader

In this bible study, we learn about Jacob’s departure from Canaan to live with his uncle in Paddan Aram. Informed that Esau was threatening to kill Jacob, Rebekah advised Jacob to flee to Paddan Aram. However, to secure Isaac’s approval, she presented a different case that she could not bear the possibility of Jacob marrying a Canaanite. Isaac was convinced by this argument and instructed Jacob to move to Paddan Aram. Thus, Rebekah persuaded her husband by focusing on an issue that she and her husband were likely to agree but did not mention her other concern that could have led to a disagreement with her husband.

Covenant at Bethel

We also learn about Jacob’s covenant with God at Bethel. God reiterated to Jacob His promise to Abraham and Isaac: he will own the land where he was, his descendants will be innumerable, and all people will be blessed through his offspring. Jacob vowed that if God will provide for his basic needs (food and drink, clothing, shelter, and protection), he will worship God and give back one tenth of everything he is given. We learn that the family structure enabled Jacob to make such a vow on behalf of his offspring and all people through his offspring.



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