Isaac Marries Rebekah

Prayer by Head of Household


Prayer by Head of Household

In this bible study, we learn about Abraham sending his chief servant to get a wife for Isaac from among “my country and my own relatives.” His interactions with his servant remind us that a prayer by the head of a household goes a long way for members that believe in the prayer. Abraham prayed for his servant before sending him on the mission. His servant believed in the prayer and invoked it every time he felt like praying. His prayers came through exactly as he prayed.

Blessing through Compassion

Also, we learn how an act of compassion by Rebekah placed her in position for a grand blessing. Rebekah recognized a stranger’s need to water his camels and did what she could to provide for the need. The stranger happened to be Abraham’s servant seeking a wife for Isaac. He chose Rebekah. She married Isaac and became the mother of Jacob and ultimately great grandmother of Christ’s lineage.




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