Jacob and Esau Early Years Interactions

Parental Blessing


This bible study focuses on the family of Isaac and Rebekah during the early years of Jacob and Esau. Their interactions remind us that children need parental blessing, through a parent fulfilling obligations to the child or responding to motivation due to a child’s good behavior. Parental blessing based on obligation alone may be less effective than blessing that is also motivated by a parent feeling good about the child. Therefore, children need to be good to their parents and should not rely on parental obligation alone to earn parental blessing.

Effectiveness of a Parent’s Spoken Words

Also, we learn that words spoken by a parent to a child could be effective and irreversible. Therefore, a parent should not think of expressing ill will toward his/her child. In corollary, children should trust that any parental action toward his/her child will not be motivated by ill will if the parent is committed to God’s purpose. Therefore, a parent’s visible commitment to God’s purpose will help make the children more willing to accept parental actions even when such actions appear unpleasant. The children trust that their parents will not think or be motivated by ill will toward their children.

Rebekah Redirects Isaac

Also, we learn how Rebekah used her spousal influence to redirect her husband to conferring on Jacob the blessing of God’s promise to Abraham. Although the approach Rebekah used to influence her husband’s authority in this incident could be criticized, we learn useful lessons from it regarding present-day spousal interactions. Spouses that live a relationship based on openness, love, respect for each other, love of God, and commitment to God’s purpose will be able to resolve issues to a decision without any spouse needing to deceive the other.

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