David Departs from Saul and Begins to Build His Team

David Builds His Team


After David left Saul’s service, he set out to build a team to protect him from Saul. He needed people, food and supplies, and weapon. He was joined initially by a group of four hundred men that needed relief under Saul’s administration. They would be unreachable to Saul’s people by teaming with David and at the same time help protect David by building a team around him. David’s relationship with this group illustrates an important principle of team building.

Team Building Principles

A team is more likely to be successful if every member has a stake in the team’s well-being. David made this point to Abiathar, the priest, after he (Abiathar) escaped from a Saul-ordered pogrom on the town of Nob that included massacre of eighty-five priests and other men, women, and children. Saul ordered the pogrom to punish Ahimelech, Abiathar’s father and priest of Nob, for inquiring of God on behalf of David. However, Abiathar escaped and joined David’s team. To comfort Abiathar, David said to him [1 Samuel 22:23]: “Stay with me; don’t be afraid; the man who is seeking your life is seeking mine also. You will be safe with me.” That is, David made a case that he and Abiathar had a stake in the well-being of his team, so Abiathar would be protecting his interest as well as David’s by joining the team.

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