Joseph Interpretes Dreams

Blessing for the Compassionate


An opportunity to earn blessing often may be encountered first as a call to be compassionate. For example, when Joseph had compassion on two fellow inmates in Potiphar’s jail, he did not realize that the encounter was an opportunity for him to demonstrate competence that would later propel him from jail to the highest administrative position in Egypt. The two men were Pharaoh’s chief cupbearer and chief baker and were held in the same jail with Joseph.

Act of Compassion: Tell Me Your Dreams

One morning, he noticed they were sad because they needed their dreams interpreted. Joseph had no experience in dream interpretation. However, motivated by compassion and faith in God, he invited them to tell him their dreams. Then, he interpreted the dreams correctly.

Opportunity Misinterpreted

Sensing an opportunity, Joseph solicited help from Pharaoh’s cupbearer, who would be returning to his position, to mention his case to Pharaoh. However, the opportunity he sensed did not materialize. The cupbearer forgot about Joseph. But a different and better opportunity that God prepared for Joseph blossomed two years later when Pharaoh needed his dreams interpreted.

At God’s Time and Schedule

The cupbearer then remembered Joseph after other potential interpreters proved incompetent to help Pharaoh. Joseph was pulled from jail to interpret the dreams. He explained the dreams were a revelation of an impending period of abundance followed by severe famine. Furthermore, he proposed a plan for Pharaoh to use the period of abundance to build up food reserves to feed Egypt during the famine. Pharaoh liked the plan and appointed Joseph as Pharaoh’s second in command to implement the program.

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