Jacob-Laban Interactions on Labor and Wages

Business Partnership Agreements


In this bible study we learn about business partnership agreements, leadership responsibilities, and re-alignment of relationships at marriage. The study focuses on interactions between Jacob and Laban during Jacob’s final six years in Paddan Aram and between Jacob and his wives in deciding to leave Paddan Aram to return to his Cradle in Canaan.

Problematic Labor and Wage Deal

Jacob and his uncle and father in-law Laban struck a labor and wage deal based on using skin coloration of sheep and goat to share flock between owner Laban and helper Jacob. The agreement was easy to implement initially but became problematic as the flock grew. Jacob devised a way to influence the outcome of the selection in his favor. Laban was unhappy with his dwindling share and changed the criteria ten times to influence the selections. Both Jacob and Laban were displeased with the business relationship as time progressed.

Consultation with Wives

Jacob decided to leave Paddan Aram. He did not simply invoke his authority or the fact that God had instructed him to leave but instead consulted with his wives Rachel and Leah to win their support for his decision.

What We Learn

  1. A business partnership agreement needs to include clear definitions of rights and responsibilities of partners in sufficient detail to support equitable implementation even as the business complexity grows.
  2. A leader needs to seek the support of stake-holders (those that have right of interest or concern) for a contemplated action.
  3. Marriage creates a new family unit that is distinct and separate from other relationships.

More Information

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