The Beginning of Fellowship of the Believers

God Understands Every Dialect of Every Language


Bible Study Series on The Apostles

We begin a bible study series on The Apostles, focused on searching the activities of the apostles for principles and clues to enrich our understanding of the Christian basis for human interactions and relationships. Our study will be based on Acts but will call on any part of the bible that helps explain the apostles’ activities.

Fellowship of Believers

This bible study examines the beginnings of the early church, based in Jerusalem and referred to as Fellowship of the Believers. After the eleven apostles saw Christ ascend to heaven, they returned to Jerusalem and were joined by several others, bringing their total number to 120. They met daily at the temple courts, where the apostles taught the word of God and performed miracles and the people prayed and shared food and fellowship. We learn two principles based on their experience.

Be Prepared to Provide Basis

Always be prepared to explain the basis for your understanding or belief. Peter illustrates this principle by citing the scriptures to support a proposal to select a replacement for the twelfth apostle. He preached the principle again through his epistle at 1 Peter 3:15. Whenever you make a rule, give a suggestion, declare a position or stand, give advice, make a choice, or perform any similar action, be prepared to provide a basis. Being prepared to provide a basis, even if you may end up not needing it, will help you understand your proposed action better.

God Understands Every Dialect of Every Language

You can talk to God in any dialect of any language or any manner of speech and he will understand you. For example, when you pray, you don’t have to imitate the voice, language, or speech manner of your pastor or a man or woman of God that you heard sometime. Relax and talk to God in your usual style. This principle was illustrated through the activities of the believers during the Pentecost. When they received the Holy Spirit, the believers spoke in different foreign languages as the Holy Spirit led them. Jews from “every nation under heaven” [Acts 2:5] were in Jerusalem at the time and each of them heard the believers speak in his/her language. They were amazed that “we hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues” [Acts 2:11]. This experience illustrates that God is not limited by dialect, language, ethnic origin, or speaking style.

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